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Unleash Performance in Hybrid Teams

Establish your hybrid working policy, structured communication and optimal culture!

Do you have a policy for hybrid working? Are your people showing up committed in the office? In many organisation the managers struggle to bring people back in the office. People enjoy “undisturbed” individual productivity. They could spend more time with family and friends. On the other hand the group creativity gets “unleashed” in well moderated face to face interactions. How to strike the right balance between Online, Office and Hybrid?


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In this workshop designed for senior managers Peter will guide you through a series of frameworks and best practices of “pioneers” of remote work in order to optimise your hybrid work policy. We will keep the energy and productivity of home work and combine it with technology enabled coordination and face to face collaboration. Empower and trust your people and with their unleashed productivity achieve top results!

WHO will benefit most?

  • Management boards and Executive committees
  • HR Directors and HR Leadership teams
  • Senior Leadership teams
  • Heads of Department
  • Heads of Shared Services and Business Units

WHEN is the best fit?

  • When implementing a hybrid work policy but facing “push back” from the people
  • When aiming to strike optimal balance between, remote, office and hybrid maintaining the people’s motivation and commitment
  • When interested to allow people more or full flexibility to chose wherever they work and still achieve top results

WHAT will you learn and achieve?

  • Best practices for hybrid work
  • Case studies of large companies implemented hybrid work
  • Case study of growing companies  allowing people to work wherever and whenever they like and having their best years ever
  • Interactive facilitation to build and streamline your hybrid policy
  • Establish your optimal organisational culture supporting the hybrid policy

We started transforming to a 100% distributed team between Germany, Nigeria, Spain, Cameroon and the US. Within the first four hours of Peter's coaching a real team was born, although most of them have not yet met in real life. I have never experienced anything like this.

Konrad GullaFounder & CEO of Keeeb Group


Workshop Facilitator for New Leadership and Virtual Teams Management

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