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Create an appealing Vision,
Goals and Strategic Roadmaps

Gain clarity, empowerment and ownership
for your management team and the entire organisation.

Are your people fully engaged? Does virtual and hybrid working impacts their level of commitment?

In poorly led virtual teams the people “get lost in space” they lose gravity to the team goal and that deteriorates the team performance.

This workshop will help you to create an appealing vision, annual goals and strategic roadmaps that will inspire your team. The vision and the goals will be the “nucleus of the atom” which with strong “gravity” will attract your team members for cohesive team work and top performance!

“Retain the gravity – unleash the team power!”

Peter Ivanov


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According to the recent Harvard studies in the current agile world at least 50% of the goals has to be set bottom up. This workshop will give you a streamlined bottom up process whereby your team will set the goals and co-create the strategic roadmaps ensuring the ultimate engagement and commitment of your people.

WHO will benefit most?

  • Management boards and Executive committees
  • HR Directors and HR Leadership teams
  • Senior Leadership teams
  • Heads of Department
  • Heads of Shared Services and Business Units

WHEN is the best fit?

  • During your leadership retreat or “off site” management meeting this workshop will help you revitalise and re.energise your team 
  • When facing organisational transformation or business challenges it will help you to refocus and ensure alignment and high commitment

WHAT will you learn and achieve?

  • Set an appealing organisational  or team vision in a co creative manner
  • Ensure people are crystal clear and committed to the vision and goals
  • Ensure individual goals are aligned to the team goal and people embrace them full heartedly
  • Ensure that your team “lives” the optimal culture enabling the vision and roadmaps

Besides having great time and easy communication the European Finance and Controlling team received a lot of very useful tips and tricks how to communicate efficiently even remotely and how to make things happen once agreed.

Romina OreskovicCFO Orbico Group


Workshop Facilitator for New Leadership and Virtual Teams Management

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