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Build Your Virtual Power Team

How to establish clarity, structured communication and optimal culture in order to unleash your virtual team’s power!

Often in virtual teams people feel anonymous, isolated and unmotivated. This leads to project delays and sometimes endangers international investments.

In this tailored workshops based on the Award Winning Methodology “The 10 Big Rocks” we will tune the 10 Key Success factors for leading virtual teams to your industry, organisational purpose and goals and transform your new or existing team into a Virtual Power Team.

We will  establish trust remotely, discover and leverage on Individual strengths, set the Team vision and goals, establish structured communications and boost a winning spirit. Through a series of team coaching exercises , virtual project simulation and facilitated group reflection, Your Team will be aligned, united and enabled to unleash its power to reach outstanding business results.

Keynote Speaker virtual teams-Virtual Power Team

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WHO will benefit most?

  • Leadership Teams
  • International Project Teams
  • Sales Teams
  • Alumni Networks
  • Business Clubs and Networks
  • Multi Level Marketing (MLM) organisations
  • International NGOs
  • Any virtually operating team

WHEN is the best fit?

  • Leadership retreats – establishing annual organsiational, team and individual goals
  • Project Kick off
  • Project turn around – in case of critical issues with project
  • NGO conferences and retreats

WHAT will you learn and achieve?

  • Discover the Individual Strengths of each Team member
  • Set Aspirational Team Vision
  • Define Annual Team Goals and Individual goals ensuring Ownership and Commitment
  • Develop and practice the Top 3 skills for leading remote workers
  • Establish a robust and structured Communication and Engagement rules
  • Set an Aspirational Prize for outstanding performance
  • Enable the Winning Team Spirit

We started transforming to a 100% distributed team between Germany, Nigeria, Spain, Cameroon and the US. Within the first four hours of Peter's coaching a real team was born, although most of them have not yet met in real life. I have never experienced anything like this.

Konrad GullaFounder & CEO of Keeeb Group


Workshop Facilitator for New Leadership and Virtual Teams Management

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