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Leading, managing and operating in virtual and hybrid teams

Highly practical and comprehensive set of tools, frameworks and methods for managers of all levels

The global pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work in virtual teams in nearly every industry. While working in virtual teams provides significant benefits, including the opportunity to tap into a global pool of talent, it comes with its own nuanced set of challenges and obstacles. Many organisations are now implementing policies for remote and hybrid work. Substantial part  of them are getting “push back” from their employees challenging the times being in the office. The question is: Could businesses operate with the lion’s share of their employees working from home-over the long term?

Keynote Speaker virtual teams

The program Leading, Managing and Operating in Virtual and Hybrid Teams provides executives, middle managers and leaders from all levels with a practical knowledge and proven in practice tools, frameworks and methods.
Leave the program with upgraded skillset and actionable guide to the frameworks that can assist you in this evolving form of leadership.

Programme Outline
The programme provides managers and entrepreneurs the opportunity to practice in a highly experiential learning environment a rich set of methods and best practices for leading and managing virtual and hybrid teams.

This 5-day programme is delivered using a blended methodology, delivered with a combination of 3 days of face-to-face sessions and 2 days online sessions. The delivery may be adjusted to the client needs.

WHO will benefit most?

  • Executives and high level managers responsible for overseeing remote workers and teams
  • Middle Managers and professionals responsible for affecting change and driving new initiative
  • High potentials individuals who will assume greater responsible in their organisation
  • Human Resources professionals accountable for employee engagement, well being, and learning and development
  • Professionals in consulting services who increasingly need to take on remote work or interact with people from different time zones and cultures

WHAT will you learn and practice?

  • Module1  (Leadership) – Leadership and organizational behaviour challenges in a hybrid working environment
  • Module 2 (Management)  Managerial challenges and essential processes for effective virtual work
  • Module 3 (Management): Decision Making, Conflict and Accountability in virtual contexts – Online
  • Module 4: (Management) Power dynamics in global virtual teams – Online
  • Module 5: (Operate) Creating connection and Building High Performing Virtual Teams
Keynote Speaker virtual teams

Very relevant topic and natural flow of the keynote and the workshop, engaging energy and good atmosphere during the session, virtual and powerful tips and tricks.

Violeta Malár MomiroskaChief Human Resources Officer, IT & Facility


Trainer for Leadership and Management skills in the Digital Age

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