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Leadership in the Digital Age

Practical and experiential learning of the fundamentals of new leadership

Often the weakest link in many organisations is the middle management. Newly promoted experts and seasoned managers alike struggle to lead their team particularly in a remote or hybrid context. 
The New leadership program aims to fix the leadership skills gap of middle managers and team leaders thus leading to significant productivity gains and establishing a high performance culture.

Peter Ivanov is teaching “New Leadership” in 3 international business schools –

Nordakademie in Germany, Queens University of Belfast and the global Ashridge HULT,  equipping new leaders with proven in practice

leadership methods, models and skills for the Digital age.

Keynote Speaker virtual teams-Leadership in Digital Age

WHO will benefit most?

  • Middle Managers

  • Emerging Leaders – newly promoted Managers, Team leads and Project managers 

  • HR Managers

  • Consultants, Coaches and Trainers in the field of Leadership

WHAT will you learn in 5 Modules? 

Module 1: Performance Management – 2 days

  • Role of the Leader
  • Competence Development Model
  • Goal setting
  • Feedback – how to deliver constructive feedback
  • Systematic People Development
  • Performance Management for Innovation and Creativity

Module 2: Team Management – 2 days

  • Personality in Focus
  • Discovering the Strengths & Talents
  • Setting Individual & Team Goals
  • Establishing Structured Communication
  • Maintaining the Winning Team Spirit
  • Virtual and Hybrid Teams – case studies and best practices

Module 3: Effective Communication, Collaboration and Conflict Management- 2 days

  • Forums, Agenda and Meetings Structure
  • Regular feedback
  • Tools for Conflict Management
  • Knowledge Management in virtual teams
  • Motivating Home office workers
  • Productivity and cooperation in virtual and hybrid teams

Module 4: Corporate Culture – 1 day

  • Effective Recognition in hybrid teams
  • Unleashing the power of Diversity
  • Establishing the optimal Team Culture
  • New trends – Flash Teams, Working Anywhere and Anytime, A-synchronous collaboration

Module 5: Agile innovation in the Digital Age  – 1 day

  • How to be agile when collocation is not an option
  • Establishing an appealing Vision and Roadmaps
  • Innovation – breakthrough methods from the Silicon valley

Peter Ivanov delivers his speech in a very positive and motivational way. He is trustworthy and authentic and has given powerful impulses to my students in Nordakademie.

Prof. Dr. David Scheffer


Trainer for Leadership and Management skills in the Digital Age

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