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Leadership Trainings

Upskill Your Managers for the Digital Age

Peter’s leadership trainings will get your managers up to speed with the latest leadership and management practices in the digital age!

Regardless how good is your company vision, strategy  and products if your management is not leading and communicating effectively – your employees will not be really engaged, (potentially “actively disengaged”) and your company performance will be suboptimal. And the new remote, virtual and hybrid ways of working puts additional pressure on your senior and middle management and require new skills and competences.

Why booking Peter for your Leadership Trainings?

Practical methods, tools and methods based on Peter’s large experience as a Global Manager.


Cutting edge research, frameworks and best practices from Harvard, MIT and the Silicon valley.


Highly interactive and experiential learning ensuring smooth transfer into the daily business.


“I´ve had the pleasure to work with Peter one of the most trailblazing topics of Virtual Power teams, much before the start of the pandemic. Peter can make virtual teams unleash their power sustainably.”

Bani Sodhi

Global Talent Manager, The Adecco Group

3 Leadership Trainings

Keynote Speaker

Storytelling for effective leadership and sales

How to lead, influence and inspire through Storytelling

As humans we live in stories and therefore we are strongly influenced by stories. Anything from the Bible, our children’s books and the best leadership speeches in history contain stories. But what is the secret formula of a good story winning the hearts of the audience? In his “Storytelling” leadership training Peter will guide you through specially designed exercises and lots of feedback until you become a Masterful Storyteller.

Leadership in the Digital Age

Practical and experiential learning of the fundamentals of new leadership

Often the weakest link in many organisations is the middle management. Newly promoted experts and seasoned managers alike  struggle to lead their team particularly in a remote or hybrid context.  The New leadership program aims to fix the leadership skills gap of middle managers and team leaders thus leading to significant productivity gains and establishing a high performance culture.

Keynote Speaker virtual teams
Keynote Speaker virtual teams

Leading, managing and operating in virtual and hybrid teams

Highly practical and comprehensive set of tools, frameworks and methods for managers of all levels

The global pandemic accelerated the adoption of remote work in virtual teams in nearly every industry. While working in virtual teams provides significant benefits, including the opportunity to tap into a global pool of talent, it comes with its own nuanced set of challenges and obstacles. The leadership training “Leading, Managing and Operating in Virtual and Hybrid Teams” provides executives, middle managers and leaders from all levels with a practical knowledge and proven in practice tools, frameworks and methods.

Leading without Authority

For Project Managers and Leaders at all Levels leading in Matrix organisation

Discover the art of leading without authority in a matrix organization with our transformative leadership development program. Tailored for project managers navigating the complexities of cross-functional teams without formal authority, this program empowers individuals to become influential leaders.

Keynote Speaker virtual teams


Trainer for Leadership and Management skills in the Digital Age

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