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Inspirational Keynotes

Power, passion and performance for your event!

Why hire Peter as a Keynote Speaker for your event?

Pure inspiration for your event..

Thrilling storyteller Peter will inspire your audience for future oriented leadership and top performance. You can feel the immense mental and spiritual power that enables Peter to achieve amazing results in business, sports and in uniting global communities.


Proven and pragmatic tips and methods

Peter offers an Immense wealth of practical experience. For 20 years he’s been leading global teams and in the last 8 years has coached over 200 international virtual teams. All tips, stories and case studies come from his own practice and experience.


Powerful, passionate and highly interactive keynotes

Your audience will be deeply engaged through emotional storytelling and insightful group activities. The wealth of practical examples will equip your people with “ready-to-use” insights and methods. Peter tailors his keynotes to your industry, your business challenges, and your vision for success.


“Peter Ivanov is one of the most thrilling and
inspiring speakers I have ever experienced!”

Marvin Nusseck

Board Member, Youth against AIDS

3 Inspirational Keynotes

Keynote Speaker virtual teams

Keynote - Virtual Power Teams

How to motivate home office workers and build powerful virtual and hybrid teams?

Virtual or dispersed teams are everywhere, from your home office workers to your sales team and offices in multiple locations, extending to encompass large global teams. The keynote speech, “Virtual Power Teams,” offers a blend of ‘proven-in-practice’ management methods and powerful, emotive leadership stories that incentives for top performance and successful management of large virtual teams in international organizations

Keynote - Leadership challenges in the Digital Age

How to retain talent, drive digital transformation, and develop your organization for the future!

Globalization and digital transformation and most recently the global pandemic have brought about new challenges in leadership and communication. Teams and projects are decentralized, usually crossing international borders, time zones, and cultural boundaries. Leading such teams require very specific organizational knowledge including how to select qualified experts, which virtual platforms to use, and how to structure and support your team.

Keynote Speaker virtual teams

Keynote - Agile Virtual Teams

How to remain agile when co-location is not an option?

Agile working is a global trend, built upon a collocated core team of experts. However, in our increasingly complex world of AI, big data, etc., the required experts might not be available in your city or may not be willing to relocate.


Keynote Speaker for New Leadership and Virtual Teams Management

Power, Passion and Performance for Your Event

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